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  Radiant Heating Films

Radiant Heating Films for application in ceiling, glasses and walls

                                                                                                                     >Types of Installation<

The Radiating film IBERTERM is an element of conceived heating to integrate ceiling easily false or walls in plaster plates or other finishing's, as wood, metallic materials, etc.
Its installation is very simple, fast and insurance. It is ceiling or a radiating wall for all the life.
Proceeding from the most recent técnologias of production, film IBERTERM is composed for a ribbon monometal, plated for term-soldura, inside of a multi-strengthened polyester pack. Result: magnetic fields do not exist, nor corrosion risks, e has a total protecção against electric shocks.
Thanks to its constitution, the power of the film diminishes soon that the temperature increases (auto-regulation), what it represents an important advantage for the protecting of the plaster panels. The feeding of the radiating panels becomes through wires equipped with hook taking special male-female. A special handle collects the linkings of each one of the installed films and assures the linking to the termóstato and the feeding.
The radiating ceiling ones constructed through the films of heating IBERTERM answer to the more demanding criteria of quality.

The power to install is at least equal to the value of the increased calculated thermal losses of a compensation factor.

Warranty: 10 years


Films IBERTERM are placed according to one project of installation, having in account the obstacles and other installations, nominated illumination points.

In this project of installation the profiles are included metallic that support the plaster carton in which will be glue the radiating films, fixed to a distance between axles of 40 and 60 cm. The same she is valid for ceiling in lambrim wooden and respective barsof support. The metallic ceiling ones will obey the different rules of installation


The installation of the films of heating IBERTERM, it is only possible in the phase where the construction or the building is protected against rains and winds.

It is convenient that the floor of the compartments to heat is also isolated.

The protecting becomes for a DD of 30mA to the agreement of 7,5 KW under 230V. The regulation is made by a thermostat of environment, placed about 1,7m of the floor, in a sheltered wall of the cold or heat influences.

The plaster plate that concludes ceiling the false one must technical be equivalent the BPB, Knauf or Pladur. Dimensions: 1200 x 2400 x 13mm with 4 fine edges.

                                                                >Types of Installation<

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