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  Floor heating cables in mats

The radiant floor heating cable, pre located in glass fibre mats of IBERTERM, differentiate of other market heating cables by 4 fundamental reasons:
1 - By excellence in constructive technology: standard heating conductor, isolation of heat resistant PVC, braid (earth connection), outer jacket and application in glass fibre mats.
2 - By the low linear power (6W) that permits a large installation density, resulting, and an incomparable heat emission homogeneity.
3 - By the installation facility and quickness.
4 - By the presentation and package.
5 - Because, with all of this advantages, keep a competitive price.

Certification: TUV     

Caracteristics of cable for heating mats
Heating Cable Construction Element Material Power Lenght Color
Watts m
Standed heating conductor Nichrome, Steel, Brass, Copper 165 18 Red
220 23 Grey
275 29 Green
Isolation of heat resistant PVC Heat resistent PVC
370 40 Yellow
470 52 Blue
580 62 Grey
Braid (earth connection) Coaxial Copper wires
680 74
800 88 Blue
Outer Jacket Colored PVC 995 108 Grey
1145 125 Yellow
1280 141 Green
1515 165 Red
Power 230V 1890 199 Grey
Spacin 9 cm
Emission 9 w/ml 2100 223 Yellow
Mats material Glass fibre
Witdh mats 0,50m 2450 269 Blue
Leads lenght 4m

WARRANTY: IBERTERM floor heating mats, thanks to the developed technology, has 12 years warranty.

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